Welcome to my little place on the internet.

About me

I am one of the many many Michael Lewises. Not the one who writes finance books, or one of the three others who used to work in the same building as me, or the one who lives at the same house number on the adjacent street, so sorry to disappoint you if you’re looking for one of those Michael Lewises.

Those who know me might be reassured that they’ve found the “correct” Michael Lewis via one or more of the following keywords: “I”, Shetland, Peebles, Edinburgh, London, artificial intelligence, internet, digital architect, father of 2.

About this site

I’m using this site to keep notes on various side-projects and other things I find of interest, mainly for my own future reference. When it comes to side-projects, I find that writing about them encourages me to actually finish them off enough to be able to write about them. This site is fairly basic because it isn’t in itself one of my main side-projects.

While I do try to restrict the content to topics some other people may possibly find of use or interest, and it would be nice to think I’d helped or informed someone somewhere at some point, it has to be said that the main target audience is me, I don’t really mind if no-one else visits it, and I do it for fun not profit. Think of it as the exact opposite of a social media influencer’s activity feed, and maybe even find it a refreshing change.


I also have side-projects at work, but they’re not here. Everything here has been developed in my own time. All opinions expressed are my own and not the views of my employer, etc. etc.


You could try to email me at myfirstname at mydomain, find me on the fediverse via the Fosstodon Mastodon instance, or use the LinkedIn link on the home page.

Social media

My last post on FB: 31 Jan 2012 “I am just logging out and may be some time”.